Password Information

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ConnX Administrators can configure a variety of password settings to implement security rules:

Passwords expire after a certain number of days.
Accounts are suspended after a certain number of failed login attempts.
Passwords cannot be reused within a shorter interval then a specified number of changes.
Users can set a password reminder.
Temporary passwords can be generated and emailed to users when their account is activated or their password is reset. Temporary passwords will only be emailed if the user has a unique email address in the system.


Administrators can also set rules for the creation of passwords:

Passwords must be a minimum of X characters in length.
Passwords must contain a minimum of X uppercase characters.
Passwords must contain a minimum of X numeric characters.

"X" is a number specified by ConnX Administrators.



Passwords are case-sensitive. This means upper case and lower case words are different. For example, the following capitalisations of the same word are all seen as different:


If you are concerned about upper and lower case passwords, create a password with numbers only.

You must have a password to access ConnX, unless single sign on is enabled on your account.

If you forget your password the System Administrator can reset it, and depending on system settings you will either have a timeframe to create a new one or you will be emailed a temporary password.