Welcome to ConnX

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The first section introduces you to the ConnX program and teaches you some of the basic features of the system, such as logging in, changing passwords and moving around the system.  Later you will learn how to perform more advanced functions like entering new leave applications, finding out who has to approve your applications (workflow approval) and setting up your emergency contacts.

What is ConnX?

ConnX is a ready built employee services portal that empowers employees and management to view and update HR and Payroll information.  Internal communications are improved by providing easy access to Company and personal information for all employees. Designed with the user in mind, the information screens are easy to use, understand and manage on the Internet or intranet.


You are familiar with web pages
You understand what a “link” is and how to identify one
You are familiar with web applications
You are familiar with using a mouse
You know your employee code (payroll number)
You understand the term “drop-down list” (or pick list)